Tampa Electric has supplied the Tampa Bay area with electricity since 1899.

Service Area

Tampa Electric serves about 2,000 square miles in West Central Florida, including Hillsborough County and part of Polk, Pasco and Pinellas Counties, which includes more than 840,000 customers.

Solar Projects

Tampa Electric’s solar projects can now produce 1,252 megawatts of electricity, also called 1.25 gigawatts, enough to power more than 200,000 homes. By the end of 2026, Tampa Electric will have more than 1,600 MW of solar, which will be able to serve 260,000 homes. When those projects are complete, Tampa Electric will have about 17 percent of its energy generated from the sun – the highest percentage of solar generation of any utility in the state.

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Power Stations

Tampa Electric has three electric generating plants in service, with generating capability of more than 5,000 MW. These plants and their generating capabilities are listed below:

Bayside 2,138
Big Bend 1,623
Polk 1,420

System total (including solar)


Tampa Electric's Peak demands occur in the winter because of electric heating. An all-time winter instantaneous peak load record of 4,760 MW was set on January 11, 2010. Summer peaks are brought on by air conditioning. An all-time summer instantaneous peak load record of 4,754 megawatts was set on August 9, 2023.


Tampa Electric's retail and wholesale operations are regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, respectively. Prices allowed by both agencies are generally based on recovery of prudent costs incurred plus a reasonable return on invested capital.